Dow Benelux

Dow Benelux is a subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company.

Dow Benelux’ production site in Terneuzen (the Netherlands) is producing base materials for organic chemical industry and plastics for the manufacturing industry. Our operations require fresh water mainly for steam production, cooling, and as a product additive. The aim for Dow is to become resilient to climate change and independent of remote fresh water supply originating from the Biesbosch area, 120 km away. Therefore Dow actively works on water savings, recycling and multi-sourcing. In 2008 the concept of a Robust Water System in the area of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen was initiated. It pursues collaborations with local governments (City of Terneuzen, Waterboard Scheldestromen, Province of Zeeland) and other end users in industry (Evides Industriewater) and agriculture (ZLTO) to find regional solutions.

In this project there is an interest in exploring underground fresh water storage capabilities within the Braakman South region (cross-border Netherlands/Belgium). Excess rain precipitating in winter months, can be captured and temporarily stored for usage by agriculture and industry during periods of shortage. Each year, but more pronounced during the summer of 2018, the region is facing extended periods of drought, which is causing limitations in fresh water uptake especially by farmers. Dow would benefit from such a feasibility study, as it might provide solutions for its own water resources. Additionally, it will also strengthen Dow’s cooperation with other regional water users that will benefit directly from the project (mainly farmers). Dow will be the lead partner for preparing for investment, articulating volumes and quality of water from undergrounds storage to be supplied to Dow and farmers.