Vlakwa is short for Flanders Knowledge Centre Water and is an independent division within VITO.
It functions as an intermediary active in the integral water cycle and initiates, coordinates and facilitates projects in the integral water cycle. It takes on an integrated approach with a maximal international connection, knowledge building, mutual cooperation and exchange of experiences and knowledge.

Vlakwa is involved in different national and international projects and platforms, bringing together actors from industry, government and research. Vlakwa’s mission is to contribute to a robust water system, which means that all users have water of the right quality at the right moment. As such, providing sustainable water in the coastal regions is a key objective.

FRESH4Cs will have a large contribution to this mission as it will provide sustainable water resources to coastal users instead of (depeleting) unsustainable resources. For Vlakwa the adoption of the solutions is very important, as this will result in a significant contribution to providing sustainable water resources at a regional scale. International cooperation is one of the main tools Vlakwa uses to achieve a robust water system, and this project provides a tool for Vlakwa to strenghten cooperative links with the UK and the Netherlands.

VITO as a whole is an Flemish research organisation in the area of cleantech and sustainable development. VITO's mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world and to reduce the risk of innovation for companies and strengthen the economic and social fabric of Flanders with interdisciplinary research and large-scale demonstrators.